Drop the Mic! Hip-Hop Dance Expressions

To describe the performances planned tonight as high-energy would be an understatement. As in improv theater or comedy, setting the right tone and vivacity is essential. Which is why Drop the Mic's curators—Curio Dance, and Giselle and Dario Mejia—took great care to select the best dancers in the Midwest. Artists and dancers at this event, which will be part choreographed performance and part freestyle competition, include B-Boy J-Sun, Buckets and Tap Shoes, HYPE Dance Company, the Beat Squad, Kailen Nelson, and others performing hip-hop, pop 'n' lock, krumping, and tap dance, in addition to beat boxing, bucket drumming, and a light show by DG Light Dancers. (Photo by Michal Daniel)
Sat., Jan. 22, 8 p.m., 2011

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