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Drew Michael

Daily from Feb. 20-24
8 p.m.
Daily from Feb. 23-24
10:30 p.m.

Now based in New York City, comedian Drew Michael started doing standup in his hometown of Chicago. Once known for its sketch and improv scene, the Windy City is now drawing comics from all over the country. “It has the best of both words,” he explains. “You get the big-city opportunities without the New York or L.A. pressure of the industry watching you and wondering about what everyone else is doing. That kind of stress can be detrimental to experimentation and creativity.” Growing up, he was never one to make people laugh. “I wasn’t the life of the party, or the class clown,” he says. “Comedy to me was always a way of looking at things more so than an ability to get along with people.” Michael doesn’t necessarily think of himself as hilarious, but his way of interpreting things is. “I can look at things and explain them and articulate them in a way that is funny.” 18+.