Dre Day

Though your place of employment may not recognize it (yet), February 18 is a holiday way more important than President's Day, more raucous than New Year's, and responsible for lighting up more trees than Christmas. It's the birthday of Dr. Dre, West Coast beatsmith and rapper extraordinaire, and it's the seventh year in a row that the Triple Rock and Burlesque of North America have hosted festivities commemorating his entrance into the world (no word on whether his mom was a virgin). No, Dre himself probably won't be there, but there's plenty to hold your attention, from rappers to DJs to a photo booth immortalizing the best-dressed partygoers. As evidenced by the West Bank's BOMP! events, the Burlesque guys know how to party, so you can be sure that this year will follow in the grand tradition of Dre Day by providing you with a good time and enough 40s to give you one hell of a Friday hangover. Now, where's that Compton hat? With Trama, Carnage, Felipe, Jimmy2Times, and King Otto.
Thu., Feb. 18, 8 p.m., 2010

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