Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Every Fri. and Sat. from Sept. 9-Oct. 2
7:30 p.m.
Every Sun. from Sept. 9-Oct. 2
2 p.m.

Robert Louis Stevenson’s enduring classic Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tells of the brilliant but reckless Dr. Jekyll, a man who falls victim to his own invention, a potion that brings out his inner beast, the brutish personification of his repressed id, Mr. Hyde. As the two personas jostle for dominance, tragic consequences are the inevitable outcome, a theme poignantly brought home by local playwright Jeffrey Hatcher’s adaptation. Guided by Hatcher’s dynamic arrangement, Theatre in the Round Players will be ushering in their 65th season by enveloping audiences in the atmospheric menace of Victorian London wherein the villainous Mr. Hyde lurks in fog-shrouded corridors. Throughout the production, Mr. Hyde will be portrayed by various members of the eight-person cast, underscoring the fraught unpredictability of fragmented personalities. What may be more disturbing, however, is the moral ambiguity introduced by the suggestion that Jekyll and Hyde are codependent, and that neither could exist without the other. This psychological subtext is sure to have audiences pondering their own inner Hydes long after the production concludes.