Dr. Dog

July 23
5 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock

Dr. Dog have a way with simplistic but effective pop rock that evokes the Beach Boys, the Band, and the Grateful Dead. But over the course of 15 years and numerous lineup changes, they've also blown out that sound into layered, modernized psychedelia. They've maintained a core fanbase throughout their prolific 2010s, but their turn-of-the-millennium beginnings were humble DIY years. In this decade alone, the Philadelphia-based six-piece has released four studio albums and one live LP, last year's Live at a Flamingo Hotel. Dr. Dog's latest, this year's The Psychedelic Swamp, was curiously conceived: It's a reworking of their cassette-only 2001 debut album. Though it's conceptual and jam-heavy on the whole, individual moments still stand out, including the honeyed harmonies of "Dead Record Player" and the yearning of "Bring My Baby Back." The band should shine outdoors for the second major concert at Surly HQ. With Shakey Graves, and Jillian Rae.

PROMOTIONAL EVENT DESCRIPTION Dr. Dog with Shakey Graves at Surly Brewing Festival Field

Dr. Dog with Shakey Graves at Surly Brewing Festival Field
Saturday, July 23, 2016 | 5PM |$30 | 18+

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In the waning days of our previous millennium, an envelope arrived at the Dr. Dog Bungalow. Initially misplaced among credit card solicitations and clothing catalogs, it had no postage and smelled of a fusty funk, as if it had once been wet. The return address said simply “Phrases from the Psychedelic Swap.” Inside was a cassette tape. “Play me,” it said. So they did, and they grew 10 feet tall — tall enough to reach the key but too big to fit through the door.

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