Doug Stanhope

The title of Doug Stanhope's album, Deadbeat Hero (Shout Factory), pretty much tells you what you need to know. The hard-drinking, iconoclastic comedian has made a career out of turning sacred cows into hamburger. But if you only know Stanhope from his tenure with Joe Rogan on Comedy Central's rebooted The Man Show or as the host of a couple of Girls Gone Wild videos—two dubious gigs he readily admits to taking strictly for the cash—you're missing out on one of America's most incisive and unyielding social commentators. Since he played the Triple Rock last year, he's quit smoking and voted for Obama. "I had a guy come by my house just before the election, while I was building a deck on my house," Stanhope recounts, "and he was saying, 'Spend it while you can, 'cause if Obama gets elected you're going to be spending all that money on taxes.' I told him, given a choice between the two, Obama's pro-choice, and if it weren't for the right to abortion, I wouldn't have all this disposable income anyway." Expect a lewd, lively show not for the slow-witted or easily offended. "I'm sorry I have no bridge-collapsing material," Stanhope adds. "It's kind of old news, anyhow. But if they collapse another bridge, I'll write jokes about it." The Minneapolis Comedy Death Squad opens. 21+.
Fri., March 27, 8 p.m., 2009

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