It's not enough to just describe Martin Dosh as an electronic artist. To be sure, if you were to describe him as something else it would be misleading, but there is more to his music than the word "electronic" can aptly describe. Though Dosh's music is created by machines, its spare, almost organic nature makes you forget that fact, even though he is dwarfed by the stacks of equipment at his disposal onstage. However, his goal isn't to make you respond with "Wow, that's so cool" or "Ooh, that's so spacey"; he's gone to great lengths, it seems, to inject actual feeling into the music and not simply push buttons and toy with the BPMs until it's good enough for dancing. A bit like M83, his new album, Wolves and Wishes, is one that you can approach as a chill-out record, but don't be surprised when long-dormant thoughts and decisions made long ago get knocked loose and you start reconsidering the impact and implications that those thoughts and decisions have had on your life—or, even more unsettling, what they may have in store for you a little further down the road. With P.O.S. and Kill the Vultures. 18+.
Fri., June 27, 8 p.m., 2008

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