Like most artists on the anticon. label, Martin Dosh has a way with being stylistically elusive. As a drummer-slash-keyboardist, a position played by Stevie Wonder and not too many others, Dosh has a combined sense of the rhythmic and the melodic that gives his music a propulsive weightiness, always rumbling or skipping or droning forward towards some unpredictable end. Much like fellow Minneapolitan Andrew Broder, with whom he collaborated on Fog's 2007 album Ditherer, there's a sense of having an upbringing in certain genres -- soul, jazz, hip hop, post-rock -- but an alliance to some nebulous vision of sound that doesn't point to any specific direction but up. Dosh's most recent album, last year's Wolves and Wishes, is a bracing continuation of the sound he's spent a substantial solo career developing. with Skoal Kodiak, Paper Colt Ensemble.
Fri., Dec. 18, 7 p.m., 2009

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