The Dog Olympics take over the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. Getty


Dog Olympics 2019

April 13
11 a.m.-4 p.m.
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Many dog owners have the notion that their canine companion harbors a talent that separates them from the shaggy pack. Perhaps your schnauzer can navigate a treat-laden path without pausing for a nibble? Or you have a husky known for dashing between obstacles with astonishing agility? For humans and pups up to the challenge, the 2019 Dog Olympics offers a playful environment for showing off such skills. Organized by students at the University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine, the daylong fundraiser offers a wide range of activities, including two obstacle courses. Enticing snacks serve as both the challenge of Temptation Tower and the motivating factor of Mr. Ed’s Peanut Butter Race. Owners can bond with their doggos during a dance-off, through an attire-changing relay, and over a game of musical sit. The $10 admission provides access to the event and entry into any of the contests. Non-dog owners are also welcome to attend and cheer on the participating pooches. Best of all, with the event’s proceeds earmarked for Secondhand Hounds Animal Rescue, every attendee will walk away champions of a worthwhile cause. Find tickets and more info at