Dirty Little Secrets

As regular readers of Post Secret—a top-read blog where people send in colorful postcards in a rainbow of previously unspoken truths—know, everyone has a secret. This month at Altered Esthetics, over 30 local and national artists will be in full-on confessional mode—expressing their most subversive actions, clandestine thoughts, and awkward feelings through paintings, sculpture, photography, video, collage, and more. As expected, pieces vary greatly in tone and style. Some are dark—Anathea Alberda's Gramma, Mamma, and Me features three portraits of young girls, one with an "X" over the mouth, another with holes for eyes, and another in a stance suggesting that her hands are tied. Kara Hendershot's As Days Pass shows the despair of a woman unable to leave her bed on a sunny morning (or is she just not a morning person?). Others are playful—Mickey Sucks Helium suggests just that as two ears peek out from behind a bright balloon. Those looking to share their own secrets (or wanting to flash back to long-lost Catholic school days) can visit the interactive confessional installation and share their secrets with the world. Opening reception 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. Friday, October 5.
Oct. 4-27, 2007

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