Dirty Bourbon River Show

May 16
7 p.m.
Americana, Rock

And now for something completely different. With a brand new album called The Flying Musical Circus, the Dirty Bourbon River Show, a New Orleans quintet of exuberant multi-instrumentalists, does invite comparison with a certain troupe of ophidian English wackos. Both eccentric, eclectic, and often frenetic, they also share an affinity for theatrical spectacle. In DBRS’ case that includes wild stage antics, vaudevillian schtick, an actual fire-breathing tuba, and the odd belly dancer. The band’s core sound is a wide range of New Orleansiana, stretching from trad jazz to second-line funk, with a large dose of brass band stuff. The Bourbons also juggle horns, fretboards, clarinet, accordion, kazoos, and percussive contraptions while rummaging among klezmer, soca, music hall, polka, light opera, and rock. “Roll It Around” is a raucous, apocalyptic R&B romp that gives Scott Graves a chance to air out his gravelliest Tom Waits vocals. Elsewhere they croon about time travel, cakewalk along the levee, and dabble in Balkan folk.