Diana Joseph

A chain-smoking dad who rarely wears a shirt. A college professor who tells lame jokes and loves Hawaiian shirts. A teenage boy who plays video games until 4 a.m. and loves the NRA. These are but a few of the men in Diana Joseph's life. In her memoir, I'm Sorry You Feel That Way (Amy Einhorn Books/Putnam), she tells the hilarious, endearing, and enlightening tale of her life through a series of essays that focus on the men in her life, including her father, her son, an ex-husband, her boyfriend, and others. Joseph reveals truths about the world she comes from with a wink, candor, and an affectionate nod to the flawed people in her life, including herself. Though she has published a variety of fiction and other works, it was her short essay, "The Boy," that caught the attention of Sarah Vowell, leading her to win the Kentucky Women Writers Prize for Creative Nonfiction. She currently teaches in the MFA program at Minnesota State University, Mankato.
Sat., March 7, 6 p.m., 2009

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