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Des Bishop

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A bit of a handful as a teenager, Des Bishop was shipped off to Ireland from New York City by his parents when he was 14. The Emerald Island has been home ever since. Sounding more like fellow comic Pete Correale than, say, actor Liam Neeson, Bishop describes himself as an Irish guy with a New York accent. “Irish people don’t really see me as an Irish person,” he notes. “Honorary at best. And Americans don’t see me as a normal New Yorker; the accent confuses them. However, if I get totally comfortable, or I’m in a really bad mood, the New York accent is very strong.” He started comedy while in college in Ireland and quickly caught the attention of industry professionals there. Comedian Eddie Brill, who used to book David Letterman’s show, saw Bishop and invited him to perform at Caroline’s the next time he was in New York. “I was clueless as to how to perform in the States,” he recalls, “so, I went up and pretended to be Irish and talked about America.” It was the polar opposite of what he had been doing, and it didn’t work. “I knew what to do the next time, though.” Now he discusses subjects that are relatable to audiences in both countries. “I talk about getting older, nostalgia for the past, taking care of aging parents, and social issues like sexual taboos.” 16+.