Photo by Jason Frank Rothenberg


Dent May

Sept. 1
8 p.m.
Indie Rock, Rock, Singer-Songwriter

Between his third and fourth albums, Mississippian Dent May loaded up the truck and he moved to Beverly—well, maybe not the Hills, but not far away in the warm Southern California sun, where his clever tunes blossomed into breezy, radiant, palm-tree pop laced with lush Beach Boys spirit. The new one, Across the Multiverse, revels in the buoyant glow of La La Land myth, the music glistening in sheets of diamond-like droplets orchestrated to ensure May’s melodies shine. May’s soaring falsetto surfs ’70s vintage waves with Brian Wilson-like charm, and hints of Randy Newman-style irony surface in the lyrics, which are riddled with uncertainty and melancholy that make his joyous-sounding tunes a bit unsettling. “Hello cruel world,” he sings in the opening song, “are you real or just a dream?” “Looming existential dread” plagues “Dream 4 Me,” and wistfulness hangs like Spanish moss in “90210” as May sheepishly acknowledges his outsider status. Suzie and Devata Daun open.