Delhi 2 Dublin

As their name suggests, Vancouver's Delhi 2 Dublin are a globe-hopping sextet that only start with slices of Indian bhangra and Celtic reels while flooding the dance floor with an infectious mash of feverish rhythms. Reggae, electronica, hip hop, and dub are also prominently featured in D2D's exotic, teeming mix; a sitar slinking alongside a reggae lurch here, there an electronic bagpipe yielding to Memphis-style horns interwoven with an Irish jig and crunching beats in part emanating from a tabla. It's heady, unique stuff even by modern mix-and-match standards. But the most delightful juxtaposition—on D2D's new Plant Electric—is the ethereal fiddle floating every which way through the frenzy, a gleaming icicle amid the fire.
Sun., May 1, 7 p.m., 2011

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