Delbert McClinton

Slugging it out on the roadhouse circuit since his teenage years in the 1950s, Delbert McClinton has had a distinguished career as master of virtually every roots genre rattling around in his native Texas: R&B, hard country, blues, honky-tonk, real rock 'n' roll. Under the influence of his wonderfully raspy voice and formidable harmonica work, all those roots swirl together as if caught up in a Panhandle dust storm. Although never fully negotiating the star-making machinery, McClinton has flirted with the public consciousness: "Givin' It Up for Your Love" assaulted the charts in 1980. Emmylou Harris hit it big with his song "Two More Bottles of Wine." He sang prominent duets with Bonnie Raitt and Tanya Tucker, acquired a stray Grammy, and has always been in demand by those in the know. His latest in a string of great albums, Acquired Taste, produced by Don Was, runs the McClinton gamut from West Texas soul to fractured barroom weepers. Throughout he's backed by Dick50, a quartet of Nashville session vets who'll also do the honors at the Medina, and whose own debut, LateShow, is due out next month. All ages.
Sat., March 6, 7:30 p.m., 2010

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