Looks like these Georgia boys got their titles switched. Deerhunter dropped Microcastle in 2008, but that title's a better fit for the just-released Halcyon Digest, a creamy compendium of carefully crafted sleeper-cell pop. Microcastle's marvels, by contrast, felt less present-tense immediate than past-tense flashback. Anyway, on this Digest, swooning glo-fi money shots abound: the florescent, Mersey Beat undertow of "Don't Cry;" the rickety, wind-up grind of "Revival;" secondary-songwriter Luckett Pundt's insidiously panther-like contributions ("Desire Lines," "Fountain Stairs"). In a blind listening test, you—or maybe your mom—would be hard-pressed to identify this as the same band that cobbled together mangy magenta moods back in 2007 as Cryptograms. The best part? They're just getting started—and even when they're on pause, you can count on wavy, hazy Atlas Sound and Lotus Plaza discs to zone out to. With Real Estate and Casino vs. Japan. 18+.
Sat., Oct. 23, 8 p.m., 2010

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