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Though innumerable plays have centered upon the creative process, few have approached the topic with the sinister wit of Deathtrap, a delightfully macabre comic-thriller by Ira Levin. The writer of A Kiss Before Dying, Rosemary’s Baby, and The Stepford Wives, Levin had a knack for balancing suspense and satire, a combination used to an electrifying effect in his most celebrated play, Deathtrap. Presented by Theatre in the Round Players, Deathtrap concerns Sidney Bruhl, a once celebrated Broadway playwright whose recent accumulation of flops has left him in a professional funk, floundering in a succession of abandoned ideas. Enter Clifford Anderson, an aspiring writer whose original work, a suspenseful tale of jealousy and murder titled Deathtrap, becomes the object of Sidney’s covetous attention. Convinced that the work has all the makings of a blockbuster hit, Sidney invites the young writer to his home with what would seem nefarious intentions. Audiences expecting the predictable, however, should prepare to be led astray by an exhilarating series of plot twists that undermine assumptions of the various characters and their respective motivations. Suffused in diabolical maneuvering, Deathtrap should be especially entertaining on the Theatre in the Round Players’ signature stage, the circular design allowing audiences an intimate view of the deadly double-dealing that fuels this suspenseful journey into the dark side of the creative process.