Dead Sexy: A Zombie Fashion Show

It was not that long ago that the streets of the Twin Cities were not safe for the average zombie-American. Late November of last year, six zombies were arrested on Nicollet Mall for "simulating weapons of mass destruction." The wires hanging out of the backs of their backpacks were, it turned out, from the radios they were using to provide music for their zombie street party. Less than a year later, zombies have a variety of outlets where they can express and share their culture without fear of persecution: film screenings and conventions, pub crawls, musical performances, and now, their very own fashion show. Local artists show off their fresh-from-the-crypt designs at this zombie-friendly event. If it weren't politically incorrect, we say think that the undead were taking over the whole town! 21+. For more information call 612.872.4223 or visit
Sun., Oct. 14, 9 p.m., 2007

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