There's value in moving forward by stepping backward. In this age of all things digital, Auto-Tune, and any other gadgets you can think of, Dawes decided—most likely in the spirit of their sound—to reach back to their roots and record their debut on analog tapes. The vintage sound of the recording generated tsunamis of accolades for North Hills. The month of September found them recording a new album (some of which is sure to be heard at the show), and their live show is almost without peer: razor-sharp, no-frills, and incredibly engaging. Lest you think the to-do about the use of analog tapes was a just shtick to lure in the vinyl junkies, they actually sound better live—less compressed, more loose and comfortable. In comparison to many of the Top 40 hit makers whose songs resemble shiny Ferraris but ultimately end up with their thumb out on the side of the road, Dawes's work seems to be a cherry Camaro with an engine under the hood that could run until the end of time. With Peter Wolf Crier and Moondoggies. 18+.
Thu., Nov. 11, 6 p.m., 2010

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