David Wilcox

While David Wilcox's latest album, Airstream, sounds sparse in its arrangements, the inspiration for the project couldn't have been grander. A few years ago, Wilcox, along with his wife and son, sold their home in North Carolina and hit the road, Airstream trailer in tow. "We planned for one year," he explains. "But our son Nate was loving it and he asked if we could do another year, so we did. The excuse was we were going to see all the national parks and visit some friends." The adventure turned out to be much more rewarding than the family could have imagined, particularly for the younger Wilcox. "Nate is such a wonderful kid," his father muses. "Mostly because he had that experience. Seventh and eighth grade is kind of a cruel time anyway. He had this wonderful experience of being able to keep his heart open and have these great adventures in lots of different settings." Musically, of course, it inspired a new CD, one in which the songs are closely connected in some way to a particular part or parts of the journey. And those had to be whittled down. "It's usually the case for me that half of what I write, I wind up performing, and half of what I perform I end up recording. That was the case here, too." Now settled back in North Carolina, the Ohio native is ready to share his musical findings with the country he traversed for two years.
Thu., Oct. 9, 7:30 p.m., 2008

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