David Lieb Hart Chad Cooper


David Liebe Hart

Oct. 4
8 p.m.
$10/$12 at the door

If we’re being honest, we have no clue what to tell you when it comes to this week’s David Liebe Hart show at the Nomad. Surely there will be songs, puppets, videos, and stories, but, quite frankly, there’s no telling what Liebe Hart might do or say. Best known as part of Tim & Eric’s Awesome Show, Great Job!, Liebe Hart is an actor, musician, painter, and puppeteer. He also claims to have communicated with aliens, and has an intense love of model trains. His new show features a three-piece backing band, giving him more tools to paint a delightfully bizarre and occasionally confusing live experience. Whether he’s performing “hits” like “Salame” or “Puberty,” ranting about trains, or giving what can only be described as a fever-induced TED Talk about ghosts and religion, the one thing we can guarantee is that Liebe Hart is incapable of phoning in a subpar or uninspired performance. Super fans and curious bystanders alike will not forget this show anytime soon. 21+.