David Crowe Image courtesy the standup.


David Crowe and Kermet Apio

Daily from Nov. 1-5
8 p.m.
Daily from Nov. 4-5
10:30 p.m.

When David Crowe headlines this week, he will be bringing a special guest. “When I was just a budding comic starting out, Kermet Apio had worked at Acme several times, and the club really liked him,” says Crowe. “So, [owner] Louis Lee gave him some early opportunities to headline there.” For one of those weeks, Apio brought Crowe. “So when Louis invited me to work the week of the 25th anniversary, it just didn’t feel right to do that week by myself.” Crowe asked Lee if he could bring Apio along to co-headline and split the money. “I wanted to return the favor 25 years later.” Lee agreed, but cautioned Crowe. “He said, ‘You better call Kermet first,’” Crowe recalls, “‘because it’s going to be crappy pay.’” 18+.