David Bazan

Some artists cloak their every move in carefully manufactured mystery, but ex-Pedro the Lion frontman David Bazan has a refreshing transparency to everything he does. There's no heavy lifting to be done; his words (and his rock songs) are so clear that they require zero interpretation. This unflinching realness is how Bazan is able to tackle religion and politics without coming off as preachy—he's only wondering aloud if there are others who have asked the same questions, not trying to convert the heathens. Recent troubles with booze and his waning faith have distanced Bazan from the Christian fanbase that he and his old band once enjoyed, but his candidness about both has served to strengthen the relatable quality of his music, so his non-churchgoing fans might appreciate him even more for acknowledging his faults. Despite the condition of your immortal soul, it's a rarity and a joy to hear someone say exactly what they mean. With Say Hi and Wye Oak. (Photo by Håkan Henriksson)
Wed., Oct. 28, 8 p.m., 2009

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