David Bartley: The Grey Area

Most of us learn in our late childhood or early teens that not everything is black and white. However, it takes many years of living and meeting people from various walks of life to understand just how many shades of gray there are. David Bartley's recent work certainly revels in gray, the uncharted and infinitely varied world between all and nothing. Though his past works have been colorful, hues are used sparingly in "The Grey Area," which closes this weekend. Some works play off of famous paintings, such as his mixed-media reimagining of Francisco Goya's The Great HeGoat or Jacque-Louis David's The Death of Marat, while others playfully reference art itself, such as Emaciated Painting, an oil-on-canvas painting of the back of a painting. The gallery spaces in the Chambers Hotel and Kitchen are seamlessly integrated with the bar and lobby areas, which makes for a fun time wandering the halls with a glass of wine; if you wander up the stairs to the Red, White, and F@%!cking Blue Bar from midnight to 2 a.m. on Saturdays you can enjoy a happy hour that features $3 appetizers and $5 drink specials.
Feb. 6-April 4, 2009

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