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Dave Fulton

Daily from July 23-27
8 p.m.
Daily from July 26-27
10:30 p.m.

Idaho-born comedian Dave Fulton has been based in London for two decades, but he still manages to make it back to North America once or twice a year. “There are two people I can blame for me being here: Greg Proops and Mitch Hedberg,” he says via phone from his garden in the British capital. Back in the 1990s, Fulton asked Proops, a frequent host and performer at the famous Edinburgh Festival Fringe, if he could get a slot on one of his shows. Proops told him, “Yes, you’d do great over there.” Meanwhile Hedberg, who recorded a special in London in the mid-’90s, didn’t fare too well in Britain. “London wasn’t understanding what I was trying to do,” he told Fulton. “It was too much to get into their heads. They wanted simple jokes.” He paused and added, “You should go there.” In 1999, Fulton did, but wasn’t sure it was going to be for him either. “Then I had this epiphany in London,” he says. “I was walking across this bridge over the River Thames, smoking a cigar, thinking, ‘I’m just slinging jokes to drunks again like I was in America. Then I heard this bell and was like, ‘Oh, it’s Big Ben. I’m in London, smoking an expensive cigar, and I have the equivalent of $1,500 cash in my pocket. I think I’ll hang out here a little longer.’”