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Dave Attell

Daily from Aug. 2-4
8 p.m.
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10:30 p.m.

Dave Attell is not only an influential standup comic. He’s also hosted hilarious TV shows like Insomniac, Comedy Underground, and Dave’s Old Porn, and he was a writer on the Daily Show, where he did commentaries. The years have been good to him, but he’s feeling his age. “The days of booze and strippers are over,” he told Conan O’Brien after hitting his 50s a few years back. However, he continues to keep it off-color. “My ballsack looks like a tent that no one knows how to fold up,” he notes on how his body has been changing. Lately he’s been mining material by observing friends, particularly those who have pets. “Cats are a gateway to hoarding,” he says. It’s dogs though, especially his roommate’s, that fascinate him. “His dog is on Ambien because he has nightmares,” he tells an audience. “How does that happen? They don’t work, they just play and eat.” 18+.