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Dave Attell

Daily from April 20-22
8 p.m.
Daily from April 21-22
10:30 p.m.

“We live in a world that’s not that fun anymore,” says Dave Attell. “You can’t smoke outside; you can’t do anything. It’s as good as it’s gonna get. A comedy club is now the last place you’re going to be able to hear not only inappropriate stuff but cool and informative stuff. I think that’s what still attracts a lot of people to standup.” That’s despite some obvious hurdles. “I think people are judgmental of comedy,” he states. “People come to the club with their own political correctness and opinions on what’s funny and what’s not funny and that’s cool.... But when they take it to the next level, get offended, and Twitter-hate the comic? I mean, these are just jokes. There’s a lot more important things to get upset about.” Attell gained a national following with TV shows like Insomniac with Dave Attell, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and his Showtime series, Dave’s Old Porn. However, he is still seen as one of America’s most important and influential comedians. “I go out on the road and work on my act, that’s really what I do,” he says. “Hopefully down the road I’ll do a few more specials and then retire.”