Data Art Show

Pink Hobo's second gallery show is an intriguing visual cocktail of data, computer code, and art. For "Data Art Show," the three main artists—hailing from Montreal, Munich, and Vancouver—collected numbers and stats from newspaper phrases, stock market peaks and valleys, social networking posts, and even found art. They then interpreted, manipulated, amplified, and animated that data to create unique pieces that almost feel alive. Former geneticist Jer Thorp has recently posted thoughts and models on his blog ( exploring ways to use Twitter and Facebook status updates to predict the spread of air-borne diseases. The result is simultaneously aesthetically pleasing and scientifically fascinating. James Paterson (a.k.a. Presstube) uses his autobiographical doodles to create animations that touch on the important things in life: sex, digestion, and personal contemplation. Self-proclaimed "computational artisan" Mario Klingemann (a.k.a. Quasimondo) is independently trained both artistically and scientifically. All three artists will be in town for the opening celebration on Wednesday, June 10, from 7 p.m. to midnight. They will also be at Flashbelt, a new media conference in town this week.
June 10-July 1, 2009

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