Darryl Lenox

Comedian Darryl Lenox is a child of the western United States, having grown up in Las Vegas and subsequently lived in Los Angeles and Seattle. Comedy took him to Vancouver, British Columbia, where he decided to stay for 12 years. He quickly became an adept performer, and was received favorably at the 2005 Just for Laughs Comedy Festival in Montreal. He then came back down to the U.S., but when he tried to return to Canada, he was refused entry for lack of a work permit. This despite the fact that all of his stuff was still in his apartment in Vancouver. No hard feelings though, as today Lenox still tries to look at things from a Canadian perspective. "I'll see something going on here and think, 'Wait a minute, how would that look to a Canadian?'" he explains. "And then I'll think, 'Okay, yeah, that guy's a dink.'" "Dink" being the Canadian equivalent of "dick." Lenox now lives in New York, and still marvels over some of the differences between his two homelands, though that's often just a leaping-off point for some of his observations. Canadians fighting in Afghanistan along with Americans, for example, leads to a story about his cousin reminding him that he's fighting for Lenox's freedom. "I know you," Lenox told his cousin. "You had your choice of going to jail or going into the army, you're fighting for your own freedom." With Jay Brown.
July 12-14, 8 p.m.; July 13-14, 10:30 p.m., 2012

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The Joke Joint Comedy Club

801 Sibley Memorial Highway
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