Dark Dark Dark

It's been quite a successful year for the quasi-local sextet Dark Dark Dark, who have released both a stellar EP and their inspired sophomore full-length, Wild Go, within the last 12 months, as well as touring around much of the world in support of the record. The band will just be wrapping up an extensive European and U.K. tour prior to their show at the Cedar, so their songs and their live show will certainly be road-tested and precise, while playing to a receptive hometown audience should make for a special night all around. Their music has only grown bolder and more expansive as the group have found their footing, with the lush arrangements and subtle experimentation layered within their songs luxuriantly coloring each of their recent releases. Marshall LaCount and Nona Marie Invie's vocals bring a depth and raw emotion to their poignant numbers, which is only augmented by the stirring chamber-folk tones of the band. It will be interesting to hear how the intricate international elements found within Dark Dark Dark's music have been affected or amplified by touring the lands that so inform their sound. The hypnotically hazy local trio Brute Heart opens, and should set the pensive mood quite nicely for the headliners and everyone who shows up early to hear them. Also sharing the bill is Madison's the Weather Duo.
Wed., Dec. 8, 7 p.m., 2010

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