Just hearing the name probably immediately makes you want to start singing "Mother" like you were watching MTV in your basement in 1993, but Danzig are, fortunately, much more than that juggernaut (which was actually on their '88 debut). They have had to fight the "Black Sabbath rip-off" label their entire careers, but Glenn Danzig and company have soldiered on, making metal when it wasn't cool to be a metalhead or in a metal band (that ugly detour into industrial rock on Blackacidevil notwithstanding), and at the very least keeping things interesting. Things slowed down a bit on last year's Deth Red Saboath, but as the band ages, playing at lightning speed would just seem silly and a little sad, really. It still may not be clear what "Lucifuge" is or why teenage girls loved "Mother," but Danzig still put on a show worth checking out, for unlike many of their contemporaries, they seem to have no use for nostalgia. With Possessed, Marduk, Toxic Holocaust, and Withered. 18+.
Tue., Nov. 9, 6 p.m., 2010

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