Danny Brown

Sept. 25
7:30 p.m.

Detroit oddball Danny Brown won’t drop his new album, Atrocity Exhibition, until five days after his gig at First Ave, but early indications are that the follow-up to 2013’s Old is the rapper’s magnum opus. Drawing inspiration from Joy Division, Raekwon, Björk, Talking Heads, and, cacophonously enough, System of a Down, the album is sure to be an interesting turn at the very least. Most important is that the eccentric and lit-as-fuck Brown is still a supernova in the live context. Longtime fans will remember his infamous — and alleged! — oral-sex incident at the Triple Rock back in 2013, but that debauchery is really a poor representation of what makes Danny Brown shows spectacular. The dude rhymes like a buzzsaw through particle board, pogo dancing onstage for hours without any fatigue. He’s an impresario, and if Atrocity Exhibition has managed to bottle any of that in its wayward composition, then this tour will be the one that erases the legacy of that blurry night at the T-Rock back in ’13. With Maxo Kream and ZelooperZ.