Danny Bhoy


Americans can be forgiven if the name Danny Bhoy doesn't ring a bell, but the rest of the English-speaking world adores him. The Scottish comedian is particularly revered by our friends in Oceania. "Australia is probably my biggest market," he states. "That and New Zealand. I tend to do big six-month-long tours there. They take me out of Scotland for a long time. It's just the way things worked out, I didn't plan it." Bhoy has been stateside lately, and will play a few cities here before heading home to Edinburgh to work on a new set. He started in comedy as more of a joke teller, but then gravitated toward storytelling like his hero, and now friend, actor/comedian (and countryman) Billy Connolly. "I've tried to avoid doing things like, 'Okay, here's lots of stuff I've noticed about America,'" he says "I think there's something nice about coming to a place like America and talking about where you're from and who you are." Bhoy has a degree in history and gravitates toward the subject for material. "I was in Florida at the Improv with drunken spring breakers staring at me as I was talking about the Vikings. It was very funny. It was good material," he laughs, "but maybe they weren't the right focus group for it." 18+; 21+ later shows.
April 22-25, 8 p.m.; April 23-24, 10:30 p.m., 2010

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