Dankest Day of the Year Insight Brewing


Dankest Day of the Year

April 20
7-11 p.m.
Barhopping, Food and Drink, DJ

Saturday is 4/20, a very important stoner holiday. Yet most of us still can’t smoke the green stuff legally in Minnesota, so a handful of brew pubs are picking up the mantle and honoring their sister drug, weed, with a party. One such celebration is the Dankest Day of the Year at Insight Brewing. They’ll be serving up “dank” pints, which are brews that are on the hoppy side, often with a green smell and aftertaste. They also tend to pack a high-alcohol punch, so make sure they don’t sneak up on you like too many hits on a joint. For the evening, the crew will be tapping four varieties: the fruity Purple Sticky Punchbot, the oft-coveted Girl Scout Cookies Stout, the Train Wreck Troll (a triple-hopped Troll Way), and the “Oh, I don’t smoke flower anymore. Straight hash,” which is a strawberry milkshake IPA. Free munchies will be served throughout the day, and DJ Flipstyle TC will play top stoner jams.