Dani Roach


Dani Roach: Selected Poems and Short Stories/Susan Horn: Threads of Color

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Minnesota painter Dani Roach depicts simple yet profound moments in her works: sun on the empty seat of a boat, shadows on a highway, a pair of tourists peering over a railing. Her realistic paintings incorporate close-ups, bold colors, and clean lines to provide the viewer with a small glimpse of a larger moment. Her new Held series of oil-on-panel paintings features nautical-inspired scenes that explore containment and tethering, while her landscapes evoke the beauty of recent travels to Scandinavia and Ireland. Poetry has been Roach’s lifelong muse, a relationship nurtured through artist residencies and decades of work in academic libraries on the campuses of Macalester College and the University of St. Thomas. Roach’s quietly impressive paintings prove that visual art can also tell a story—though in the case of Roach’s oeuvre, the narrative arc is open to the viewer’s interpretation and imagination.