'Danger Rousse' Image courtesy event coordinators


Danger Rousse

Daily from Sept. 28-30
7:30 p.m.
Dance, Performance Art

Dancer/choreographer Sally Rousse wants to delight you. In her latest performance, Danger Rousse, the nimble dance maker has plenty of unexpected moves in store, including dangling from the ceiling and bopping around inside and outside. Expect some danger, but also a good dose of whimsy from Rousse, who knows how to incorporate humor into her pieces. A co-founder of James Sewell Ballet, Rousse has most recently been an artist-in-residence at the Cowles Center, where she curated an evening of dance that flipped the script of what a performance space looks like, employing hallways, balconies, and other unexpected places. You can anticipate the same sort of out-of-the box thinking with her latest effort, a work in progress presented as part of Open Eye’s Fusebox, a series that supports the development of new performance work.