Dandelion Day Celebration

As allergy season begins and we find ourselves dependent on Claritin, it might be hard to find the enthusiasm to celebrate something that has brought so many people so much discomfort. But we've been told that Harriet Godfrey's intentions were good when she released the dandelion seed on St. Anthony Falls' ecosystem. And of all the plants out there classified as weeds, we can't think of one with a prettier sunshine burst of yellow, or one that entertained us more as children. This Sunday's event at the Ard Godfrey House—the oldest wood-frame home in Minneapolis—will share these sentiments. Guests can practice their dandelion crown-, necklace-, and bracelet-making skills. Recipes featuring coffee, tea, and wine utilizing the sunniest weed of all will be distributed as well. Tours and face painting round out the afternoon.
Sun., May 16, 1-4 p.m., 2010

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