Dance Film Project

Dance on film is kind of a double whammy: Choreographers create dances by organizing time, space, and focus, and then filmmakers re-organize it through their lenses. And then there's editing, which is basically digital choreography. The juice starts flowing best when filmmakers and choreographers work together from the get-go. "Dance Film Project is a platform for local choreographers and directors to converse and experiment with a hybrid medium," says project director Vanessa Voskuil. These two programs feature premieres of 25 new dance films created by a mix of established and emerging artists. While most presentations are strictly two-dimensional, Paula Mann and Shawn McConneloug will create a mix of video and live performance. Goodies in Program 1 include Ballet of the Dolls' Zhauna Frank and filmmaker Jenna Pace's Abandon, a portrait of solitude and transformation; Maka'alae by Bryce Beverlin II and Romina Takimoto, filmed in Maui; and Becky Heist's Terrain, with filmmaker Angus Reid, a movement journey through reeds, river, and burnt landscape. Program 2 includes Hustle by Jaime Carrera and Tyler Jensen, which focuses on ordinary locations, extraordinary actions; Belt Beeper Scanner by Megan Mayer and Ben McGinley, which contrasts the fantastical with the mundane; and Mad King Thomas and Ben McGinley's The unexpired house of her husband, Marvin, which somehow connects a woman, a wedding, a specter, and a spud in a bathroom. (Photo by Dan Koch)
Dec. 17-18, 7 & 9 p.m., 2010

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