Dance Film Project

This celebration of choreography for the camera, presented by Cinema Revolution Society, is enjoying the second of what will hopefully be many more years showcasing new ways of thinking about movement. The 2009 festival features 22 works in two themed programs, Evolution and Confines. Highlights include "Close Up" by Nathan Gilbert and Ned Sturgis, a meditation on a dancer's face; "Haven" by Vanessa Voskuil and Ryan Phillipp, an exploration of fearlessness in wide-open spaces; Deborah Jinza Thayer and Jeff Henneman's "Today as We Know It," a mash-up of the modern and the primitive self; an antic journey into Minneapolis's alleyways with "Alley Cats" by Taja Will and Steve Hogan; and "Headlight" by April Sellars and Henneman, a road trip to insanity. Confines also includes "Flying Lesson" by Rosane Chamecki, Phil Harder, and Andrea Lerner, which has screened internationally at Dance on Camera, among other festivals. For more info visit Single programs cost $6 in advance/$9 at the door, both programs cost $10 in advance/$13 at the door. 7 p.m. for Evolution, 9 p.m. for Confines. (Pictured: Station)
Dec. 11-12, 7 p.m., 2009

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