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Dana Gould

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It’s that time of year again. The leaves change color, the temps dip, and Dana Gould performs at Acme. “Yeah, I usually come through during autumn like a seasonal flu,” he says. It’s been an odd year so far, though. While Gould was on tour with close friend Bobcat Goldthwaite, the two were involved in a pretty serious accident. “As we were pulling into the theater in Atlanta, we were T-boned. We broke our ribs on each other.” Both have recovered fully and plan to resume that tour, which is being filmed for a special, sometime next year. Meanwhile, in addition to touring on his own, Gould is doing his podcast, finishing a screenplay, and developing a new TV series. “I like to keep busy,” he notes. As a viewer, though, he can’t keep up with other TV shows. “There are four new streaming services,” he says, “and people are recommending shows to me I’ve never heard of. And they say, ‘It’s from the people who did this other show.’ And I haven’t heard of that one, either. I have children and a life; I can’t follow 17 different shows. I still watch Dragnet. Jack Webb knew how to tell a story economically.”