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Dana Gould

Daily from Oct. 12-14
8 p.m.
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10:30 p.m.

Dana Gould’s latest album, Mr. Funnyman, dropped October 6, so audiences at Acme will get all new material from the veteran comic when he performs there this week. “The album is like a novel,” he explains. “If you ask any novelist they’ll say, ‘I wrote this novel here and this is what my life was like at that point.’” Same with Gould and his album, which covers all of the subjects that he was interested in when he was writing and recording it. “There are basically two themes,” he says, “and it was the sort of awakening of hyper-woke culture. Suddenly, there are all these rules about what is funny and what is not funny anymore. The main thrust of that is that everything can be funny, it’s just in how you talk about it.” These days Gould has a hit TV show on IFC, Stan Against Evil, entering its second season, and tours across the country. “I’ve loosened up the reins on my material and am really telling more personal stories,” he adds. Of course, no discussion with Gould is complete without a new observation about his favorite entertainment franchise, Planet of the Apes. “The original is like the greatest episode of The Twilight Zone ever, and the third, Escape from the Planet of the Apes, is like the greatest episode of Love American Style ever.” 18+.