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Dana Gould

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8 p.m.
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Dana Gould is a noted devotee of the original Planet of the Apes movie series, but he also identifies with other fandoms. “I was a big Star Trek guy, Dark Shadows, Universal horror; I love all that stuff. I was a big Twilight Zone fan.” It’s no surprise then that he has written a new TV show, premiering on IFC November 2, that fits right in with those shows. “It’s called Stan Against Evil,” he says. “Basically, the premise of the show is simply: What if my dad was Buffy the Vampire Slayer? I’ve often described my dad as Archie Bunker without the elegance and sophistication.” Gould wanted to create a show he would watch. “It’s about this haunted town in New England and I put a character in the middle of it that doesn’t really belong there.” Onstage, Gould is preparing to record a new hour special. “I’m really looking forward to coming back to Minneapolis,” he says. “It’s one of my favorite towns in which to do comedy, and just one of my favorite towns.” As fans might remember, Gould went through some life changes around the time of his last visit, but he’s doing fine now. “Things are great. I got divorced, and I’m happy to say everyone is great. It’s not a very rewarding divorce from a comedic perspective, but that’s how you want it.”