Dan Wilson

There are few local artists quite as fan-pleasing as Dan Wilson. It would be easy for fans to wallow in sadness over the fact that Semisonic and Trip Shakespeare's heydays have come and gone, but Wilson keeps the spirit of both bands alive by combining songs from his current solo catalog with old gems at every opportunity. This weekend's show at the Pantages will surely be no exception; his publicist was very insistent about this being "An Evening with Dan Wilson," meaning there will be no opening act, so Wilson will have plenty of time to maneuver through every phase of his impressive, double-decade-long career. Even "Closing Time," which was played to death by every radio station in the late '90s, takes on a new life when played by Wilson, alone at the piano, pausing between verses to explain the history of the song. And in the holiday spirit, Wilson is urging attendees to bring along a toy for the Reuben Lindh Family Services, who will distribute the collected items to local needy children. All ages.
Sat., Dec. 13, 8 p.m., 2008

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