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Dan Soder

Daily from Sept. 20-22
8 p.m.
Daily from Sept. 21-22
10:30 p.m.

Comedian Dan Soder had no intention of pursuing a career in his collegiate fields of study: journalism and political science. “I went to the University of Arizona,” explains the Colorado native. “I got the degree for my mom, but jumped into standup when I was 21.” He was interested in those subjects, though. “I wanted to know how it worked,” he says, “how media and the government function.” He also picked up a useful skill set for his comedy career. “Print journalism taught me how to write a nice, tight, concise lede, which is really just a premise.” Fifteen years on, Soder has maintained the same style, but lately has been looking to go deeper with his material. “The best part about standup,” he says, “is you keep evolving. I’m more comfortable going to darker places now, which I’ve always wanted to do. It’s nice not being afraid to say, ‘Fuck it, I want to talk about stuff that I want to talk about.’” 18+.