Dan Savage

March 23
8 p.m.
$35; $75 with VIP meet-and-greet
LGBTQ, Speakers

“It started as a joke,” says Dan Savage of his Savage Love column, which runs in City Pages as well as dozens of other alternative newsweeklies in North America. “I was going to treat straight people with the same contempt that straight advice columnists had always treated gay people.” He thought it would last a year before the gag finally played itself out, but instead it turned into a real advice column with real questions. “It was all a big accident,” he adds. After a few years, the paper in which it started, Seattle’s The Stranger, began making money, and was able to offer its employees benefits. “Then the column got syndicated, and holy crap, it turned into the rest of my life.” His stage show differs from his column in a distinct way. “People get to see I’m not omniscient,” he says. “People will ask me, ‘How is it you have all the answers?’ I tell them, ‘I don’t print questions I don’t have answers for.’” Onstage he takes questions right from the audience with no screening. “That’s where the appearance of being omniscient crumbles,” he laughs. Rescheduled from Oct. 6. All original tickets will be honored.