Dan Savage: Savage Love Live

For a public figure often labeled controversial, Dan Savage frequently comes across as the most rational person in the room. Though his internationally syndicated sex advice column, Savage Love, (carried here in City Pages) might have first garnered attention as a taboo-busting forum that read like an eroticized Anne Landers, Savage's heartfelt insight and irreverent humor transformed the proudly gay author into something of a trusted authority on matters of gender roles, sexual orientation, and kinky proclivities. But even in the midst of exploring, say, proper etiquette for BDSM parties, Savage's perspective remains steadily grounded in traditional notions of personal responsibility and cultural compassion. While these underlying currents have fueled memorable take-downs of targeted figures (the ironic redefining of Rick Santorum's last name as an unsavory byproduct associated with one form of sexual activity, for example), Savage has also used his platform to advocate for the defeat of bigotry in all forms. This focus will likely take center stage at Savage Love Live, a one-night performance at the Pantages Theatre. Drawing from his own personal history (including establishing the It Gets Better Project with husband Terry Miller to combat the bullying of LGBTQ youth) and current social climate (including legislative efforts, like Minnesota's own, to ban gay marriage), Savage moves beyond titillating diversions, offering an urgent call to respect, nay celebrate, the many ways to get your freak on. (Photo by Christopher Staton)
Fri., June 22, 8 p.m., 2012

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Pantages Theatre

710 Hennepin Ave.
Minneapolis, MN 55402



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