Dan Israel (CD-release)


Dan Israel has quietly made quite a music career for himself, one filled with honest, affecting songwriting that equally captures both the euphoric highs and gloomy lows of modern living, all without a hint of pretension or posturing. He's currently celebrating the release of his 11th album, Crosstown Traveler, a compelling new batch of tunes that smoothly blends his quieter, more reflective songs with a louder, more robust roots-rock sound, all the while colored by Israel's astute lyrics and his rich, weathered vocals. He's always been a musician who deserves a wider audience, and hopefully with this new collection of strong, striking songs, the acclaim and recognition will come to one of the area's most consistent songwriters. With Slim Dunlap and Terry Walsh. (Photo by Steven Cohen)
Sat., July 2, 9 p.m., 2011

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