Dan Graham: Beyond

Dan Graham has been creating unique and innovative art since the 1960s. "Beyond" will be the first U.S. exhibition to celebrate his entire body of work, which features an impressive variety of pieces. You might already be familiar with his Two-way Mirror Punched Steel Labyrinth, otherwise known as the glass-steel-shrubbery sculpture at the Minneapolis Sculpture Garden. But over the years, Graham's work has spanned many mediums, including photographs taken of homes during train rides from New York to New Jersey, experimental film calling attention to the subjectivity of the camera, and even a short movie in which Graham links the Shakers (an early American religious group that celebrated spirituality through song and dance) with punk rock music. Also on display will be architectural models, conceptual projects for magazines, drawings, prints, and writings. You can hear him discuss his work this Saturday at 2 p.m. Later events feature special evenings, including a performance by the always interesting BodyCartography Project.
Oct. 31-Jan. 24, 2009

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