Dan Deacon Ultimate Reality Tour

Baltimore musician Dan Deacon is worth catching live at just about every opportunity, and it's not just because his music—a hyperactive blend of hardcore punk, hardcore techno, hardcore bass, and all kinds of synthesizers (some of which may possibly also be hardcore)—is so engagingly berserk. He's also got an eccentric but welcoming stage presence (his show at the Triple Rock last summer, one of the most fun gigs I've seen in the last few years, placed him in the middle of the floor while the crowd gathered around him), and during this current tour he's bringing along a few extra friends with some visual aids. Ultimate Reality—a psychedelic, postmodern video collage of Conan the Barbarian poses, motocross stunts, and fighter jets co-created with Wham City art collective member Jimmy Joe Roche—is out on DVD, and with the assistance of drummers Kevin O'Meare (Video Hippos) and Jeremy Hyman (Ponytail), they aim to bring that video's eye-warping, epileptic-unfriendly brilliance to an amped-up crowd. With Gay Beast and Vampire Hands. 18+.
Thu., Jan. 24, 6 p.m., 2008

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